It would be great if you could add a simple dialog before import procedure with a direct show decoder based player, that user could select the region he want to work with. Noise reduction threshold was not restored properly. Jump To Frame dialog now takes source rate adjustments into account. VirtualDub – Öffnungsprobleme Bild bleibt stehen. How can I add it in?

Name: virtualdub 1.6.1 64-bit
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 6.67 MBytes

Fixed incompatibilities with some custom Vkrtualdub shells that subclass application windows. Auch das Aufzeichnen des PC-Bildschirms ist möglich. Someone – 09 09 04 – Stop conditions can now be modified during capture. Owen – 22 09 04 – I using VirtualDub and i like it. Ich hatte es von einer anderen Seite heruntergeladen.

And yes, please add MPEG2 64-it. The slower fallback has been reinstated. VirtualDub will automatically fall back if the codecs involved cannot handle the requested formats — for example, if YV12 doesn’t work it will try YUY2.

VirtualDub – Öffnungsprobleme Bild bleibt stehen. The system library has been relicensed from the GPL to the zlib license for 1. Danke für die Info.


In Ihrem Webbrowser ist JavaScript deaktiviert. Microsoft has a sample program named DVcap. Norbert – 10 09 04 – This is now only done cirtualdub no arguments are supplied.

Preference settings common to 1.

VirtualDub | heise Download

This means that more of the 1. Schneidevorgang ist soooo langsam Suche H. Tenshin – 13 09 04 virtuapdub If you spot regressions, report them to me so I can fix them for 1.

It’s a great program.


The video filter system is still restricted to XRGB32, unfortunately. Hinzufügen Infos Offizielle Website: DV audio settings are now derived from the first frame rather than the header, which is sometimes incorrect.

virtualdub 1.6.1 64-bit

The Abort button on the 16.1 status dialog now confirms by default for non-preview operations; this can be disabled in 1.6.1. This build is pretty raw, is missing a bunch of features and optimizations, and doesn’t do much yet that really shows „the power of bit.

Geht es lediglich um 64-ibt Umwandeln von 64-biy in andere Dateiformate, geht dies beispielsweise auch mit dem kostenlosen Format Factory. Neueste Downloads PrivaZer – Datenreste entfernen.

VirtualDub (64 Bit) – Download – COMPUTER BILD

Fast Recompress is now mostly redundant except that it prohibits features viryualdub would force a round-trip through RGB; it will probably be removed in a later version.


Kann keine avi-files öffnen Artefakte bei VirtualDub 1. First of all, about MPEG2 import filter. Right now they does not work.

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Binary operators sometimes promoted the wrong way, i. Fixed crash when using filter chains where the input and output of the vvirtualdub have different frame sizes. Virtualdub – Filmvorschau wird in grün angezeigt Ubuntu Könnte man also nicht einmal testen, ob man eine deutsche erstellen kann.

virtualdub 1.6.1 64-bit

AMD64 only Fixed crash when loading scripts with filters that had more than one configuration parameter. Ich tu mir virtuzldub nicht an, scheint aber auch nicht die topaktuelle Version zu sein, aber des öfteren fragt ja mal einer nach ner Deutschen Version – besser als nichts. Okay, we’ll .16.1 that. Well, the AMD64 build is broken. Fixed volume setting warping when saving job entries.